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All applications built by us (email, websites, webshops, remote offices and support software) run on our own hardware, so no interference from third parties. This allows us to guarantee quality, stability and uptime.

HOSTING comes in different options

Application hosting, such as:

Secure mail, we also handle this in-house
website hosting
Webshop hosting
SQL-database links for reporting

Shared server

Shared hardware and resources can be used for this.

Dedicated server hosting

Rent a physical server specifically (dedicated) for your organization. *see colocation


Rent physical space in our data center where you place your own physical server. we can do the maintenance for you and/or offer practical solutions.

Domain registration

Each domain name must be registered with either ICANN or local, such as SIDN. There are costs associated with this. With the help of these costs, these organizations can ensure that things are done correctly.

.se domain name costs $ 1,84 p/m

.nl domain names cost $ 1,84 p/m

.be domain names cost $ 1,84 p/m

.eu domain name costs $ 2,12 p/m

.com domain name costs $ 2,41 p/m

* these TLDs (top level domains) are taken annually

SSL Certificate

This is the security that we've talked about before. This certificate shows visitors that the website is legitimate and has a positive impact on search engines.

The costs of a certificate are:

For a single domain: sec 23.50 p/m, this will give you a green lock in the URL bar of your domain name.

An EV certificate costs SEK 235,- p/m and then you have your full company name in the field next to your domain name.

* Prices quoted on our website and in all correspondence are exclusive of VAT

We can take care of all of this for you!

Contact us for more and more detailed information.